Exercise 2.4: Material (Peckham Library)


The exterior of the pods is covered in natural colour, thin, flexible looking timber slices. I’m guessing it’s plywood. They are attached with metal staples.

The legs are made of smooth, very light grey concrete.

There are also black window frames, I’m guessing metal. And glass within the windows.

Lights built into the base, shining below are metal and plastic.

There’s a metal staircase with worn wooden steps leading to the middle pod.

The columns are steel painted sheen black. They’re smooth. They are dusty in higher parts.

Windows: glass panes within black metal frames. Even the glass walls are consisting of smaller panes (still quite large, the sizes of walls are vast) framed in black metal.

The rear of the building has many coloured glass windows.

Bookcases are made of metal, painted black. Smooth surfaces and sharp looking edges.

There’s a carpet on the floor, hard wearing type. It has geometrical pattern of blue and black with cream specks.

I think the walls are covered in plaster, painted white.

The high ceiling has an open work pattern, as if for ventilation. It’s white. Towards the edges there a gap around that lets the light in.

Ceiling above middle pod. Structure on the roof looks like the other pod is extending through the roof.
Ceiling in children library has unusual design, looks concrete.

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