Exercise 2.3: Form & Light (Peckham Library)

Look at the forms and shapes in space, make sketches and notes.

Forms & Shapes

Windows have interesting unusual shapes. They are either long and narrow or very large trapeziums.

I’m still impressed by the pods forms, the middle one dissapears into the circular opening in the ceiling, looks like a space ship about to take off.

The back columns are at interesting angles, none of them is at straight angle but from certain perspective some of them seem that way. Initially it made me doubt myself and my initial belief which turned out to be right.


Near the window there’s plenty of natural sunlight. The trapezium windows are large and placed high up, they let plenty of day light in. A little deeper in are the pods, they create shady areas, block the natural light. There’s plenty of spotlights, but the artificial light can’t compete with unobstructed daylight.

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