Exercise 2.5: Visualising ‘Atmosphere’ through Sketch Models (Peckham Library)

I gathered some materials, not knowing which of them I’ll need. Just collected some scraps I was hoping will be useful for this exercise.

I had a look through my drawings from my second visit to Peckham Library. At first I was going to try and recreate this drawing into 3D sketch model:

Well I Was actually going to try and recreate the pod alone. So to start with I made a loose, irregular ball using bubble wrap, sellotape, and wrapped the whole lot in some nets from citrus fruit.

After I made it I decided it won’t represent the atmosphere sketches as the drawing was of an actual object, not of atmosphere or experience. So I decided to use it to make a model of this drawing:

Below are photos of a model I made using the bubble wrap, sellotape, plastic straws, citrus fruit nets, cardboard, ribbon with fluffy balls.

As promised in the course book the exercise got easier as I got going. So I decided to make a sketch model of another drawing.

I made the model using cardboard, bubble wrap and sellotape.

Lastly I made the model of this drawing which represented columns and their odd angles.

I made it using cardboard, hole punch and straws.

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