Exercise 2.2: Touch, Smell & Emotions (Peckham Library)

Sounds: Created by other visitors to the library, talking, walking, placing items on surfaces. I think this place is a little loud for a library.

Touch: I’m sitting near the window, the sun is shining on me. Feels nice and warm. Then the clouds arrive, it’s not so warm anymore, not uncomfortable, but I preferred the sunshine. I’m siting in a plastic chair, reasonably comfortable, but not amazing. I can feel plastic surface of the table, smooth but a little grainy. It’s temperature is neutral.

I’m feeling relaxed but not too comfortable. I’m blaming plastic furniture.

Below is the drawing of my feelings as described above. I found it quite difficult, drawing sounds seems like a piece of cake in comparison!

After I completed this drawing I moved to a new area, the quiet zone under pod where the computers are.

It was darker there, also quieter than other area but could hear people nearby talking. Also someone tapping on the keyboard. A small child nearby (in the pod above me?) shrieking.

Touch: same surfaces as before, smooth but grainy plastic surfaces. Temperature is comfortable, I’m wearing my coat, without it I would probably be a bit chilly.

I’m feeling less comfortable in this area but still calm and fairly relaxed.

Here’s a drawing depicting the above.

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