Exercise 2.1 Soundscapes (Peckham Library)

I visited Peckham Library again today. They let me in before they opened so I could take some pictures. My ‘listening experience’ drawing started before opening times, so the sounds I heard were created by library staff. I closed my eyes and tried to draw what I was hearing…

I’m pleased I brought an a4 pad this time, drawing sounds requires good space

Then the library opened to the public for the day, people started to come in, the place got louder, the sounds changed. At first it was mainly staff on the phone, people walking, someone hoovering in the distance. Suddenly it got crowded, place got instantly busy. Loud talking, multiple conversations at once, steps everywhere, squeaking floorboards, items laid out on tables, rustling of paper, someone sighed.

In the drawing above I pictured steps as circles, voices as twirly lines, sharp noises as sharp angular lines. I drew them as I heard them, in order.

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