Reflection on my tutor’s feedback (Part 5 and Assignment 5)

I consider my recent feedback to be a very positive one, I received a lot of praise from my tutor with only a few things to reconsider.

My tutor noted that my skills and confidence improved throughout unit 5. She also complimented me on thoroughness, attention of detail and amount of work I put in. 

My observation that software knowledge is a tool to enable creativity was correct. 

My tutor noticed that I took on board her previous comment about reworking a design which resulted in great progress. 

My research was in depth and on topic. I observed relevant points and described them in a way that my tutor approved. Acknowledging the view of my pavilion from the racecourse showed my consideration of the design from all aspects. 

My tutor noticed that certain examples from my precedents feed into my design, but I had practical aspects of my location in mind. My tutor said it was the point of the precedent research: to inspire my design and it happened in this case. I got a ‘well done for speaking to suppliers’ as they are an invaluable source of knowledge on materials and their processing.

My tutor especially liked my cardboard pavilion model with scale people. She mentioned that making a quick model helps understand the design better, especially if I am stuck on drawing phase. Model gives 3D dimensions, and I can physically see how things go together and look from different aspects. Making my final model certainly helped me to understand what I want and what I do not want in my design and really aided my understanding of side elevation of my pavilion.             

 My software skills are improving (Adobe fresco and photoshop) and continued experimenting with them is encouraged. My tutor particularly liked my pavilion drawing that I did for materiality exercise. Sadly, I lost some of the designs elegance when I was making dimensions decisions as I was worried about sturdiness of the structure. It seems that as I am improving with creative software my creativity improves as well. Additional drawing exercises (such as life drawing) will help me to ‘see’ as drawing is about the ability to observe. My tutor noted that adobe fresco seems to be working for me. I think it is because of ease of selecting colours exactly as intended and erasing errors does not leave ugly marks as it would on the sheet of paper. Also drawing over images (such as a picture of my model for amended visual) helps me get drawings more correct. Therefore, the outcomes seem more elegant. I continue discovering new features in the program as I go along. I really enjoy digital drawing, more than by hand.

I received some pointers for the future. When designing the public space, I should include all users (e.g., incorporate wheelchair turning point, make sure my entrance is wide enough and seating at correct height). Now I know minimum wheelchair turning circle has diameter of 1500mm. Internal diameter of the bottom ring is 1600mm in my design, and it is a little tight, especially if we consider another user (or a bench) that may be inside. My tutor made a comment about my seating being too high, but that was intentional, like ‘lean on’ benches we see at bus stops. I did not feel there was enough space in the interior to have a bench, also people seating down take even more space than standing/ leaning. It all must be reconsidered as I am not sure if aging population will be comfortable leaning back on something that is not next to a secure wall. The point of this bench was so people could lean on it and gaze upwards while inside my pavilion.

My technical drawings start to look and feel as professional drawings.

I was reminded to add ground line to elevations (so they are not floating in space). My tutor also advised me to annotate the technical drawings. There is plenty of space around and people rarely look at the title block, so I included some additional information and added them to my section drawings.

My tutor suggested to try and take photos of the interior of my model, to show users interior view. It was a little awkward to get the camera in but not impossible. What a great piece of advice!  

My tutor said that she enjoyed my final visual, but my site photo choice was not the best as the red bin was stealing the attention. I redrew my pavilion from different perspective (using adobe fresco over a photo of my model) making the beams more slender and placed it on a different photo from my previous site research. I absolutely agree with my tutor, this visual is better at ‘selling’ the design.

My tutor said my level of reflection is ‘really good as it shows my critical and measured approach’. It is great that I was already suggesting alternative designs when I was not too happy with all aspects of my design. I had also been told to not be too hard on myself, as I am just starting my learning journey.

My tutor mentioned I correctly reflected on jumping back and forth between tasks in design process, she said I will experience it again in next part of the course. I am excited to be starting next unit soon.

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