Assignment 5 Part 5 Reflection

Part 5, finally finished. It was the toughest so far. Because it was hard, I learnt a lot. For example, doing each part of the design once is not enough. I should have allowed more time and repeat some parts of the process. At each step you discover that you need to redo something at previous step. I feel my design is unfinished. If I were to have my pavilion built, I would have to go back and refine the details (such as wire placements and perhaps review wire attachments and the shape of the entrance). I also could have drawn the rings as bent slices of wood. I realise that the rings could not be infinite circles, yet I did not include the arch connecting detail in any of my drawings. There are other mistakes I noticed that I mentioned in my blog. Yet it took so long to draw all these details. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the outcome. I am very new to this, and my design skills fell victim of my imagination. I think it is brilliant I came out with a difficult shape; I just need to improve my drawing skills so next time there will be no shortfalls. On top of that I need to improve my time management skills and plan better in future.

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