Exercise 2.2: Precedent Studies, Example 4: Serpentine Summer House by Barkow Leibinger.

Serpentine Galleries Architecture Programme was expanded by additional four summer houses in 2016. Serpentine Summer House was one of them. It was located in London’s Kensington Gardens and was designed by Berlin studio; Barkow Leibinger.

Fig.1 Serpentine Summer House 1

In above image we can see the striking shape of structure in place of the roof. It has very fluid shape and openings on top allow plenty of gentle light in. The whole structure consists of curves, even the benches have unusual shapes. I think that sort of filtered light could aid relaxation in my pavilion.

Fig. 2 Serpentine Summer House Vision.

In the above image we can see the fantastic shapes implemented in the roof structure. The user looking up will be able to see the sky without being blinded by direct sunlight. I really like that idea. I also like the semi-openness of the structure. I think I could be able to think of something similar in my much smaller pavilion. The material used is plywood, I think that may not be my first choice of material as it would not be very durable in an outdoor setting. I think using limited materials and colours aids the relaxing atmosphere of the interior.

List Of Illustrations:

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Fig. 2 Barkow Leibinger (2016) Serpentine Summer House Vision [Visualisation]. At: barkow-leibinger-serpentine-gallery-summer-houses-2016_dezeen_1568_4.jpg (1568×1120) (Accessed 25/11/2020)


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