Exercise 2.2: Precedent Studies, Example 3: Wicker Pavilion by DJA

The Wicker Pavilion has been built as a part of Annecy Paysages landscape architecture festival in 2020. The structure is in Gardens of Europe, Annecy, France. It was designed by a Latvian firm – DJA (Didzis Jaunzems Architecture). The wicker baskets have been handwoven by Latvian craftsmen. The look of the pavilion will evolve with its age, becoming darker, grey in colour.

The overall form of the structure is rounded and organic. The structural elements and wicker baskets cast beautiful, geometrical patterns on the lawn below. The structure is semi open but the pattern on the ground sets boundaries of the zone – I like that. The simplicity of the materials and colour would aid the purpose of relaxation as well.

Fig. 1 Wicker Pavilion.

The pattern of interior makes it look busy, but in a beautiful way. I can certainly sense some movement there. We can also see how the arched opening is framing the beautiful view outside, I am sure the positioning of the pavilion has been carefully considered by the architects to get the best views. This is something I would like to achieve in my pavilion – a peaceful, relaxing space that is not only beautiful but also taking advantage of beautiful surroundings.

Fig. 2 Wicker Pavilion – View Through The Arch

The repetition of simple patterns (triangles on the frame, rectangles on the baskets and circular openings on top) aids the sense of movement in the interior. The round openings in the ceiling remind me of James Turrell’s work. The semi-transparent structure casts a soft shade, inviting the user in, on a hot day.

Fig. 3 Wicker Pavilion – Towards The Sky
Fig. 4 Wicker Pavilion – From Above

The shape and form of this pavilion reminds me of a giant hedgehog.

Fig. 5 Wicker Pavilion – Aerial View

List of Illustrations:

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