Exercise 3.3 Object / Space Parallel Projection

I selected my space and decided to complete this exercise using autocad.

Firstly I copied my floorplan autocad drawing, rotated it 45° and started drawing the walls upwards. This time I looked into creating layers and created a ‘red’ layer for my walls. In the process of creating walls I selected my base floor plan to be more transparent for visual purposes. Fig. 1 and fig.2 below show some of the steps in the process.

When I finished I saved it as pdf in two versions, fig. 3 shows all layers, I think it’s interesting to see how the original plan relates to the planometric projection (unfortunately at this point I didn’t work out yet I can set it to show transparency on pdf as in software), fig. 4 shows ‘proper’ planometric projection of the space. Im not happy with either of those below, the line colours are wrong, no idea why, I figured it out later on (following day).

I decided to explode the objects within the space to practice using the software. It was quite a labourous exercise, spent better half of day exploding 4 objects in planometric projection. In the images below (fig. 5 – 7) I show part of the process for the sink and toilet (toilet was the hardest, I guessed some of the shape, otherwise it would probably take me a few days). I used dashed line layer when drafting some of the details on the toilet.

When I finished I changed my red layer colour to black and saved pdfs showing different layers.

Fig. 8 shows all layers, fig. 9 planometric space and exploded elements, fig. 10 just planometric projection of space.

Reflection on task:

I found this task enjoyable, despite being time consuming. It helped me understand how the angles work against each other and how the objects are placed withing the space. I skipped a few things such as the visible side of the bath (I’m sure it’s not boxed in like in my drawing) or thermostats on the towel warmer. I am pleased with the level of detail I included. I also found this exercise beneficial for my autocad skills, but still long way to go…

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