Exercise 3.2: Cube & Cylinder: Planometric Projections in CAD

At first I thought that correct way to complete this exercise is to create 3D objects and then view them in planometric. So I went on to create my objects. For the cubes I created first square (3000 x 3000mm) and then extruded it 3000mm upwards. Then I created another square 3400 x 3400mm and extruded it 3000mm upwards. Then I placed smaller cube inside the larger and subtracted so I had my wall thickness of 200mm. After that I copied the whole object and rotated one of them at 45° and the second one at 30°. Then I selected the view from front and top. At this point I thought I had planometric view but didn’t check the angles.

After that I went to top view again and created my cylinder, in similar way, created my circles, extruded them, then placed one inside another and extracted. Again I viewed all three objects from top and front and this time I noticed that my circle became oval, so I checked angles on top square (by placing my square on computer screen) and they weren’t straight angles.

Also the lines were rugged and in my pdf they were different thickness. I have a feeling it has something to do with that fact that these are 3D objects…

Here’s my incorrect work (Fig. 1 and fig. 2):

I have done some online research on how to create planometric view in both Autocad and vectorworks but with no luck. I read the bits in course book again, and it said that planometric view is not ‘real’ so at this point I decided I just need to do a 2D line drawing to depict what I drew by hand. So I started in similar way by drawing two squares (I found squares created by using connected lines easier later when deleting not needed lines), but this time I didn’t extrude anything, just rotated them and drew upwards lines from each corner, then I snapped another pair of squares on top. After that I deleted all lines that should be invisible, it was a little tricky, but found it easier to get my head around if I first deleted lines that crossed top edge of the wall. The cylinder I created in a similar way, with difference of no need for rotation. I had to create some guidelines to snap my top circles correctly. Below is the process of creation of cylinder (Fig. 3 -7) and the result of all three objects in planometric view (fig. 8).

Fig. 8

Reflection on task:

I learnt in practice that planometric projection is not a real view of space or object. Good lesson today.

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