Exercise 1.2: Mapping the Interior at Peckham Library

The interior of main library space consists of many zones and elements within them so I decided to try and draw a floor plan first to help me understand the space better.

There are different zones within this space: reception, quiet study zones with computers, reading desks near the window, seating/ reading zone with more comfy chairs and lower tables under middle pod and bookshelves in between. Book shelves make the space feel more closed. The most interesting features are the meeting rooms in pods and black columns that ‘pierce’ through the floor and reach the ceiling at different angles. These are the same columns that support the building outside.

There are three big pods that contain meeting room, study area and a crèche. They are raised on three or four legs each about 3 metres above floor level. The middle one is accessible through a winding staircase at the bottom of it, the side ones are accessible from the level up, through step free access. The pods have irregular shape and are covered in irregular, wooden looking plates, creating ‘patchwork’ effect. I tired to draw them but found it really difficult to get the perspective right.

Estimating the dimensions of the space: I walked around and counted my steps to help me estimate the size of the room. I estimated it to be 45m long and 15m wide. I find estimating the height of the rooms more tricky but first I estimated he size of the pods and then assumed the room is about 7m high.

Mapping the interior:


I found the process of mapping this interior quite difficult. Firstly there are many elements and I felt I should not include them all as my map would be completely illegible. Secondly there are unusual shapes and angles and it was hard to rely these onto my drawing. If I was doing this exercise again I would bring bigger notebook to draw in more detail. I feel that my map identified the most important elements of this space: the pods, raised circular ceiling above middle pod, pink glass between main library and children library, black columns, quiet areas and the bookshelves.

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