Occupying Space

I walked through the interior starting at the main entrance and reception area. I headed towards the lifts but was drawn into the atrium area which had plenty of daylight. I went back, walked in front of the lifts, looked into the atrium again, from a different angle and moved on to the café area.

I then walked back to the reception area and started recording my journey, I took some videos of the space but I think pictures will be the best medium for this exercise.

The reception area was a very high space, with cladding matching that on the outside of the building. The space nearer the reception desk felt more welcoming than where the long couches are. I think these feelings would be affected by difference in ceiling heights, lighting and rusted steel panels which added warmth, as opposed to sharp angles and cool colours.

The space where the stairs and fronts of lifts are, is a clear commuting space, lifts, stairs etc. It would look very plain if not for added yellow columns crossing at height and other yellow elements (mainly display of Subsea7 designs and products). In this space I felt overwhelmed by the space and height of yellow columns.

My favourite space was atrium which had a very high, clear ceiling that let plenty of light in and was overlooked by irregular shapes of open floors above, with clear panes of the back of the lifts to one side. One wall opposite the lifts hid a state of the art – pull out seating system concealed behind a tall curtain. In this space I really liked the ceiling, well the ‘first’ ceiling actually – composed of metal, pipe-like elements and the rusted steel walls which added interest. I felt the sofas were small for this big area and looked ‘lost’. However I understood the fewer of them, the easier it is to set up the pull out audience seating for big presentation etc. That atrium was also a ‘commute’ route with people often crossing through. I really liked how it felt in atrium, with the daylight and the ‘balconies’, as if it was an outside space.

Panoramic picture of the atrium

Café area was quite a popular spot, it felt more cosy with a narrowed entrance and lamps hung in a way to make the space fell less high. The homely feeling was increased by adding upholstered seating in greens and blues (as opposed to yellow accents in the rest of the building) and colourful pictures on the walls.

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