Mapping the Interior Subsea7 Sutton

I visited Subsea7 in Sutton on Friday 13th (!) of September.

From the moment I entered I was overwhelmed by beautiful and functional design of the place. The building has only been in use for about 3 years, so it is modern, designed in a way to improve productivity and has a pleasant aesthetic vibe.

The image above I drew quickly. I identified important features easily. They are the yellow criss – crossed columns (they are green on my map), rusted steel elements (orange), stripy ceilings, wall of tall curtains, lifts and atrium with open floor ‘balconies’ looking down at it.

Estimation of size of space. First drawing is of the atrium; second, entire ground floor.

I found it quite hard to estimate the size. The columns helped me estimate the height, I estimated 2 metres on the columns and assumed all floors have same heights of 5 metres. Later on I found out that the floor to top ceiling distance is 20m – thanks to handy ‘measuring’ column next to the staircase. The width and length dimensions I worked out by imagining how many living rooms from my flat will fit in there.

Map 2

After drawing the first map and estimating the size I decided to draw another map, detailing more elements. The map 2 details most of elements from map 1, and has added entrance, three lifts (as opposed to one on first map), lighting, columns, stairs but I felt I could not include stripy ceiling on this one.

Drawing of open plan floors opening to the atrium, yellow columns and ceiling
Drawing of open floors above the atrium.

Reflection on how I found the process of mapping the interior.

I found it surprisingly easy. I started off with quite an exact drawing of the floor, but as I was adding more elements the image was becoming more and more abstract. I felt it was important to add the patterns present, like the stripy ceiling and rusted steel panels behind reception desk that had openwork, irregular, dotted patterns. I found it difficult to portait those patterns in my drawings. I didn’t feel adding furniture was as important in this space as the space was huge comparing to the sofas etc. Nevertheless I added a few sofas in the middle of atrium. I wish I had a yellow pencil or pen so the columns could stand out on my map as they do in real life.

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