Unit 2, Part 1, Exercise 5.2: Person – SPACE – Context

Unit 2, Part 1, Exercise 5.2: Person – SPACE – Context

Fig 1. Three Objects

Spectacles Case:

  • Hard and smooth, very slightly ribbed on the outside.
  • Hard, durable material (plastic) covered in leather (or leatherette) on the outside.
  • The leather is creasing on the internal edges.
  • Small surface imperfection on the bottom of the case, hidden by the leather, but the bump visible in the shape of the surface
  • Thin layer of padding and soft, velvet on the inside
  • Etched logo on one side
  • Dark blue on outside and charcoal on the inside
  • Silver coloured, metal hinge on one of longer sides
  • If let to close freely the case makes a clapping noise
  • Fits on straight hand
  • The padding on the inside of the case can be lifted slightly.

Tea Infuser

  • Pug shaped, with tea infusing holes around the ‘abdomen’ area.
  • Silicone of varying thickness – thinner and flexible where the holes are, thicker and firmer in all other places.
  • Tea compartment would fit up to three teaspoons of dry tea
  • Cream in colour
  • The square design of outstretched front paws allows it to be hung on the inside of a mug.
  • Warm to touch
  • Fits in palm of hand

Hair Roller

  • Tube Shape
  • Pink, loop design nylon thread on the outside, sicks out about 3mm
  • The thread is thin and strong
  • Thread pattern grips to the hair
  • Outside makes soft noise when rubbed.
  • White, semi translucent plastic the inside
  • Ribbed design, that follows the perimeter of the circle to allow the thread attachment, interconnected by perpendicular elements that connect bot ends of the tube.
  • Slightly soft, bendable by hand
  • This item would fit in a cube with side length of index finger, height width and length seem equal.

Reflection on the task:

Interesting task it reminds me of the quote by Vicco Magistretti ‘Look at usual things with unusual eyes.’ I struggled not to describe the ‘feel’ of the objects, perhaps because I am so used to having feelings and opinions in response to objects and anything else. Also, some elements of the design were hard to describe with words, annotated drawing would have been easier.

List of illustrations:

Fig. 1 Shuttleworth, A (2021) Three Objects. [Photograph] In possession of: the author: Epsom

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