Unit 2, Part 1, Exercise 4: Serious Play

Model 1:

Model 2:

Model 3:

Model 4:

Reflection on the task:

I had some lego blocks so finding the material was easy. For the people I used some figures in scale 1:50 (I got them during unit 1 work). There was not a process as such apart from a bit of thinking and planning how to proceed with first layer layout. Then I just went with a flow, seeing what blocks I could put next for the design to work. I tried to make model 4 looking less chaotic by grouping the colours together, where possible

Model 1 and 2 are little ‘chaotic’ as I did them before I organised my lego blocks by size, after wich I built model 3 and 4.

At first I did not like model 1 at all, but now I really like its irregular mass. Model one could be an outdoor piece of art / place to hang out, but could also be a very interesting looking house.

Model 2 could also be a building or perhaps just a piece of art, but I am yet to come with a purpose. I have a feeling people could not sit on the ledges in a way my figure does – health and safety would never allow it.

Model 3 could be structure with elevated viewpoints on the ‘balconies’.

Model 4 could be a tiny house, a pavilion, a kiosk or a shed.

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