Louis Vuitton Maison in Seoul by Frank Gehry

Fig.1 LV Maison Seoul – shop front.

Brightly lit, multi stepped glass add on / retail display attached to a cubic shaped building.

The visible materials used are glass, curved glass, steel window frames and grey cladding.

The illumination from within the shop and on the brand signs is in perfect unison.

The plain colour palette makes the vibrant, colourful interior and display elements pop out through contrast.

I read a little bit about this project and the design relates to another Louis Vuitton building designed by Frank Gehry (Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris) and traditional Korean architecture.

When I looked at the photo for the first time, all I knew was that it’s a LV shop.

And at the time I saw a dress in the shape of the glass extension – the strapless, classic dress that has a tiny, wavy skirt attached around the hips.

I wonder if fashion inspired Frank Gehry too… I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, it is a high fashion shop.

I really like the contrast between the original and elegant shape and the pops of colour within it.

List of illustrations:

Fig. 1 Joon Choi, Y (2019) Louis Vuitton Manson Seoul [Photograph] At:

https://static-dezeen-com.cdn.ampproject.org/ii/AW/s/static.dezeen.com/uploads/2019/11/frank-ghery-louis-vuitton-maison-seoul-architecture-photos-yong-joon-choi_dezeen_2364_col_5-1233×1537.jpg (Accessed 22/06/2021)


Astbury, J (2021) Frank Gehry crowns Louis Vuitton Maison Seoul with glass sails. At: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dezeen.com/2019/11/25/louis-vuitton-maison-seoul-frank-gehry-peter-marino/amp/ (Accessed 22/06/2021)

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