Project 1 Exercise 1.1: Pavilion Research

Using the skills and techniques you developed in Part 2 – Research: Context & Material, find some general information and interesting examples of, pavilions.

Some questions to help get you started could be:

•What is a pavilion?
•What are they used for?
•Who uses them?
•Why do they exist – what is their history?
•Where are they located?
•How big are they?
•Are there some contemporary examples of pavilions?

Reflection on the task

It was useful to learn how versatile the term ‘pavilion’ is. As usual with research task I now want to go and visit the pavilion I researched, albeit serpentine pavilion is different every year. It is nice to know I have a pavilion too. InDesign continues to be difficult software, but it was nice to have a go again. It was quite hard to get back to study after a long break, but now I can feel the motivation to push on.

List of illustrations:

Fig. 1 Baan, I. (2016) BIG’s Serpentine Pavilion [Photograph] At: (Accessed 23/07/2020)

Fig. 2 Baan, I. (2016) BIG’s Serpentine Pavilion Interior [Photograph] At: (Accessed 23/07/2020)

Fig. 3 Brighton Museum (date unknown) The East elevation of the Royal Pavilion [Photograph] At:×455.jpg (Accessed 02/09/2020)

Fig. 4 Tunnel, T. (2019) Steampunk Pavilion [Photograph] At: (Accessed 02/09/2020)

Fig. 5 Erazo, S. (2019) Geçit Wooden Pavilion [Photograph] At: (Accessed 02/09/2020)

Fig. 6 Shuttleworth, A (2020) Private garden pavilion [Photograph] In possession of: the author: Epsom.


Brighton Museum (2020) Royal Pavilion History At: (Accessed 02/09/2020)

Build your own pavilion (2020) What is a pavilion? At:,lawn%20of%20the%20Serpentine%20Gallery. (Accessed 23/07/2020)

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