Exercise 3.3 Perspective with tone and colour

I selected one-point perspective drawing from exercise 3.1, I think it was a ‘better’ drawing of the two. I copied it using a 0.3 HB automatic pencil for both methods.

Method 1:

I used a 9B pencil and smudged it to create my shades. To add light and patterns I used rubber

Perspective with tone

Method 2:

I used fine liners where I wanted the colour more intensive and coloured pencils and pastels for more muted colours. The room has a very calm colour scheme, mainly grey and white, with pops of colour in the artwork, I wanted my drawing to represent that. I used grey charcoal and black and grey pastels to create shading and rubber and white and very light blue pastels to create light.

Perspective with tone and colour

I really enjoyed this exercise. Especially the part when I was looking for shadows and patterns cast by daylight coming through the shutters and trying to rely this onto my drawing.

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