Exercise 1.2 Experimenting with media

I decided to keep my objects from previous exercise.

I gathered different scraps of paper and various drawing materials.

Method 1: Drawing using different media

Fig. 1 below shows my objects drawn with charcoal on brown paper. This is first time I used charcoal, I found the process messy. I think charcoal can be useful in creating tonal or mood in visuals.

Fig. 1

Next I used some white cardboard and drew using permanent marker. It was interesting to see how cardboard soaked up the ink from the marker, sort of ‘spilling’ on the surface (fig. 2).

Fig. 2

Fig. 3 drawing was done with coloured pencils on white paper. It is a technique I was already familiar with. I was pleased with level of detail on the cover I could include.

Fig. 3

I used kitchen towel and felt tip pens to complete the next drawing (Fig. 4). The towel was soaking up the ink. I drew over a white piece of paper and some of the ink left a pattern on the underlay. I must remember this; I quite like the effect there (Fig. 5). I think the dots in Fig. 5 would be a perfect top of the speaker in negative (white dots on blue background)

Fig. 4
Fig. 5

Fig. 5

I used fineliners on greaseproof paper to draw Fig. 6. I was able to smudge while fresh or leave it to dry. It was first time I used this technique.  I made an error on top of the speaker, but this is one of my favourites in method 1. The writing on bottom was completed in permanent marker, we can see how different it is here (washed out) than on cardboard in Fig. 2.

Fig. 6

The final drawing in method 1 was completed with soft pastels on white paper. I haven’t used pastels for a very long time, it probably wasn’t the ‘right’ technique, but I just drew with them on paper and then smudged. We can see where I didn’t wipe my finger and made a black smudge on the left hand side. I don’t think it matters though, I like this drawing too, the colours and even the details, a bit smudged but still showing clearly enough.

Fig. 7

Method 2: Collage

I used some string, facial tissue, navy napkin; with textured edge used for the top, and smooth middle for the body of the speaker. Sadly the texture mostly disappeared when I treated it with glue. The background is from Hilarys advertisement sourced from Ideal Home Create Your Dream Bedroom extra to Ideal Home magazine issue November 2019 (Fig. 8).  It was difficult to glue the string and soft tissue and napkin. I may need to research and get some craft glue.

Fig. 8

I created the following collage (Fig. 9) using cut outs from the Ferment Magazine (March 2020 issue)

Fig. 9

Method 3: Mixed media drawing including collage

To create Fig.10 I used most of techniques I just tried in two previous methods.

The notebook is drawn using pencils and fine liners, the pages bit: I used the actual page from the notebook cut it into smaller longer pieces and pasted in the middle. The speakers’ mid body is pasted blue napkin, top and bottom and the napkin are coloured with pencil, fine liner, and soft pastels (this time applied to finger, then paper). I used permanent marker for black details and pastels for shading all over.

Fig. 10

I think I should include a photo of my still life arrangement so here it is in Fig. 11

Fig. 11

Reflection on the task:

I thoroughly enjoyed the task. It was a good experience of discovering different techniques I would not normally use. The most surprising and satisfying outcome was the fine liners on greaseproof paper. I can see how different techniques could be applied, depending on the intended outcome. I understand that I should continue practising different methods to be able to confidently apply them in my visuals. I could see the more drawings I completed the better they got, so… practice, practice, practice!

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