Axonometric vs planometric drawings

Fig. 1 Planometric at 45 degrees angles
Fig. 2 Isometric example

I think the main difference between axonometric and planometric drawings is where you view the space from. In planometric you’re viewing plan so from above and at angle, often the nearest walls are removed. In axonometric it is usually more from the side then from above at an angle. In planometric roof or ceiling are removed, in axonometric the roof is on or off, or may it be exploded up. It is very hard to tell them apart, I’m not quite sure if my examples are right.

Update 15.04.2020:

After drawing my planometric drawings for the next exercise I think I know how to tell the difference between isometric and planometric projections:

Planometric retains the true angles of the objects floor (and dimensions)

Isometric retains the dimensions but angles change.

Fig. 1 Guadaliquivir House / Derive LAB (2016) Axonemtrico Planta Baya. (CAD Drawing) At: (Accessed 14/04/2020)

Fig. 2 Panorama Estudio (2015) Casa Aidar axonometric (CAD drawing) At: (Accessed 14/04/2020)

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