Exercise 2.3: Space: Section at Scale 1:20

To start with I photocopied the floor plan I created in previous exercise. Then I drew section line in red and cut side of the page (so it fits on my A3 clipboard together with tracing paper). I secured them with masking tape and drew guide lines using 0.3mm automatic pencil (only now I noticed I didn’t draw guide lines for sink tap elements). During this exercise I had to go back and forth and measure some more (for example toilet side elevation or under sink cabinet interior elements). I discovered elements I didn’t think I would have to include in this drawing, such as the waste pipe at the back of the toilet or the door handle. I must admit I helped myself by looking at some section images online (bathroom sink and toilet) to get an idea of elements and what they look like. It would have been quite awkward to see these in my bathroom without having to disassemble some of the bathroom elements.

I photocopied the section drawing so I can have a clear copy of it, independent of the plan drawing. I then titled, dated and put scale info on copied page.

Reflection on task

I can see that some of my measurement drawings may not make sense to anyone but me. This was acceptable on this occasion as I was instructing myself. In future when I draw instructions for other I will certainly make sure all information is clear.

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