Exercise 2.1: Space: Sketch and Survey and Exercise 2.2: Space Plan at Scale 1:50 and 1:20

For this exercise I selected my bathroom to survey and draw a plan of. I thought the room is quite small and fairly ‘uncomplicated’. Soon I discovered even small rooms have a lot of details in them.

First image above shows my first try, fairly unsuccessful on A3 sheet. I abandoned this page shortly after drawing the tiny floor plan, this was just to get the rough proportions right.

The image above shows rough plan sketch of my bathroom on A3 sheet. Green dimensions refer to walls, red to objects.

The image above shows my unsuccessful attempt of drawing bathtub and sink both in plan and elevation on A3 sheet. I didn’t pay attention to detail and got a couple of things wrong.

The image above shows drawings of bathtub in plan (also magnified part where the taps are) and in side elevation. It’s on A3 sheet.

The image above was drawn on A3 sheet and shows sink in plan, front and side elevation. The front elevation has tap detail larger on purpose, so I could include dimensions of the details there.

The above image shows toilet and towel rail both in plan and front elevation. I drew it on A3 sheet.

I found using different colour pencils for dimensions really helpful. It was much easier getting my head around the drawings.

The above image is drawn on A4 sheet and it is a Plan drawing of my bathtoom in scale 1:50. It was difficult to draw it so small. Looking at how small it is I think I could fit the whole flat on A4 sheet in this scale.

I found the last last drawing really difficult as some details after scaling down were smaller than 1mm. I drew the taps just using my eye, now I think I could have skipped them. They’re most likely not to scale.

I decided to redraw my plan as I think the instructions in course book contained an error and also I will need to complete a section drawing in same scale. I think scale 1:50 would be too small.

I completed the last drawing using automatic pencils in .5 and .9mm, precision eraser, set square, ruler, compass and calculator. I found drawing in larger scale much easier than in smaller.

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