Exercise 1.3: Object: Plan & Elevations, Scales 1:2

I found this task really hard, I kept getting the lengths wrong and now the eraser is my best friend. I tried using scale ruler but for this exercise I chose just normal ruler as many lenghts after dividing were coming to 0.5mm and scale ruler wasn’t that exact. The side elevation was particularly hard I had to go back and remeasure quite a few things that I didn’t note during two previous exercises. My left arm is sore after pushing the ruler hard onto paper to make sure my lines are straight. I discovered since the drawings are smaller I can extend guidelines from one drawing to another. It’s a pity I didn’t spread them differently to start with so I could do same with side elevation. I will try that next time. I learnt how important correct measurements are and 90 degree angle has to be 90 degrees or the whole thing will be skew. I think using paper with a grid would make following the correct angles easier, using plain paper makes it harder. Here’s the result of my efforts.

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