Exercise 1.5: Precedent Research: Presentation (Reichstag)

Added 26/05/2021 (better quality image)

List of illustrations:

Fig. 1 Klonk, S. (year unknown) Interior of the Reichstag [Photograph] At: https://www.bundestag.de/besuche/kunst/kuenstler/foster-651496 [accessed 26/01/2020]

Fig. 2 Chapin, R (1962) Time Map [Map] At: https://time.com/3557321/berlin-wall-stories/ (Accessed 26/01/2020)

Fig. 3 German Bundestag/Neuhauser (year unknown) The dome and roof terrace of the Reichstag Building are a popular tourist magnet [Photograph] At: https://www.bundestag.de/en/visittheBundestag/dome/registration-245686 (Accessed 26/01/2020)

Fig. 4 Field, M. (year unknown) Gallery of AD Classics: New German Parliament, Reichstag / Foster + Partners – 1 [Photograph] At: https://www.archdaily.com/775601/ad-classics-new-german-parliament-reichstag-foster-plus-partners/562475d3e58ecec3c4000352-ad-classics-new-german-parliament-reichstag-foster-plus-partners-photo (Accessed 26/01/2020)


https://www.bundestag.de/besuche/architektur/reichstag/architektur/architekten/wallot-246950 (Accessed 26/01/2020)

https://www.bundestag.de/besuche/architektur/reichstag/architektur/architekten/baumgarten-246948 (Accessed 26/01/2020)

https://www.bundestag.de/besuche/kunst/kuenstler/foster-651496 (Accessed 26/01/2020)

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