Assignment 1: Reflection

I found all exercises interesting.

My favorite was Contextual Study on Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum. I learnt that sometimes the designer intends to make users feel uncomfortable.

I found the whole of Peckham library quite difficult to analyse. There were many components, the design felt complicated and busy. It was hard to choose what to concentrate on. I still liked the interior and found all exercises there useful. Reflecting back on my visit to Subsea 7 and Peckham Library I think Subsea 7 was easier space to analyse. I am pleased now that I had a ‘warm-up’ there, before the difficult space of Peckham Library.

Looking back at drawing exercises: I had no problems drawing what I see, mapping the interior was quite fun and easy. I wish I brought bigger sheets of paper to Peckham Library to include more elements in my map.

Drawing sounds was a daunting experience, but once I started it went OK. I learnt to leave my comfort zone and trust the guidance. It was important to better understanding of the space – to cut of vision and just listen and feel.

3D model making was surprisingly easy. I’m a little concerned it was too easy, hopefully I did it correctly.

All exercises led me being more aware of spaces I visit. I gained experience of looking at single components and considering the impact they have on the whole space.

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