Exercise 1.4: Observing Behaviour at Peckham Library

Record how people interact with and within interior. What are they doing? How they behave? What routes they take? Where to, where from? How are they acting?

I decided to make a drawing to present my observations, based on simple rectangle that presents the floor space.

People that spend time here are mainly seating down at many spaces designed for that purpose. They’re either working on computers, reading while seating on comfortable looking chairs with lower coffee tables or sitting by study tables near the ‘window wall’. Not many people are walking, I drew more routes than I observed, especially between the bookshelves. I haven’t observed many users there, however I felt it was important to highlight routes forced by the bookshelves for users looking for a particular book. Most people I observed walking were along two longer walls, with majority nearer the reception desk, walking to and from reception to speak to staff.

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