Reflection on formative feedback from my tutor

I received an overall ‘well done’ and I’m happy that my work is mostly fine. There was a lot of praise which is nice to receive but I think it’s important to concentrate on areas for improvement in this reflection.

I need to make sure that I am more descriptive with my drawings, basically write more on them, do quick annotations, so the reader knows what specific parts of my drawings represent.

I also should use different drawing media in various colours to be able to differentiate elements of my drawings better and highlight textures etc. I should also use larger format notebooks to fit my bold drawing style.

When describing a site I should mention the architect by name, which I failed to do in my learning log. Of course Peckham Library was designed by Will Alsop, I knew it all along, the name kept popping up during my research (I even briefly researched other buildings he designed), but I somehow failed to mention him. I will make sure I remember to mention names behind the buildings in future.

I was given a valuable tip by my tutor – to search online for floor plan images of the spaces I explore for at home research. I quickly searched for floor plans of Peckham library today. It would have been useful research tool at the time. I will definitely try that next time.

Next time I should map my senses findings onto a map of the space, to make it clearer where they occurred within the space. I agree, my senses drawings where not placed on the map, and despite saying where I was at the time, mapping them would make more sense.

I should make sure that I communicate my observations clearer, to the point. My tutor said ‘route through and somebody walking through the route are two different pieces of information’. I should have mapped my ‘behaviour’ information to space plan. I actually did that, but while it made sense in my head it clearly wasn’t obvious enough for the reader. I will have to consider outsiders view, make sure they can understand what I mean, re-read my work with a view I see it all first time.

My tutor suggested that I may find it interesting to re-photograph my sketch models with small scale figures i.e. showing people inhabiting spaces. I ordered some 1:50 scale figures and I’m looking forward to trying this idea.

My tutor suggested that I continue researching and suggested buildings to visit to enrich my creativity and thinking as I progress. To ‘draw on views of others and use theoretical research to inform my own practice work.’

I should practice and experiment on my presentation and visual communication methods. Use tracing paper, to redraw again and again and to add information to my drawings such as notes, colour, textures, all on bigger sheets of paper.

I need to pay attention to qualify my statements, why I say something e.g. ‘this building is well designed’ – I should give reasons.

I agree with my tutor that my course work seemed ‘more fluid, relaxed and intuitive’ than the assignment. I should keep it up throughout all work.

Overall I am pleased with the feedback, I felt throughout the course work that it is going well and I’m happy my tutor thought so too. I am very pleased that areas for improvement have been identified so I can learn and improve.

Below are some images I took of my my modified model with some small scale figures.

Assignment 1: Reflection

I found all exercises interesting.

My favorite was Contextual Study on Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum. I learnt that sometimes the designer intends to make users feel uncomfortable.

I found the whole of Peckham library quite difficult to analyse. There were many components, the design felt complicated and busy. It was hard to choose what to concentrate on. I still liked the interior and found all exercises there useful. Reflecting back on my visit to Subsea 7 and Peckham Library I think Subsea 7 was easier space to analyse. I am pleased now that I had a ‘warm-up’ there, before the difficult space of Peckham Library.

Looking back at drawing exercises: I had no problems drawing what I see, mapping the interior was quite fun and easy. I wish I brought bigger sheets of paper to Peckham Library to include more elements in my map.

Drawing sounds was a daunting experience, but once I started it went OK. I learnt to leave my comfort zone and trust the guidance. It was important to better understanding of the space – to cut of vision and just listen and feel.

3D model making was surprisingly easy. I’m a little concerned it was too easy, hopefully I did it correctly.

All exercises led me being more aware of spaces I visit. I gained experience of looking at single components and considering the impact they have on the whole space.

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